von Riccardo Bargellini und ROHLING


12 4 2014

18.00 Präsentation in Alibabas Bücherhöhle
Rathausgasse 30,


19.00 Vernissage im Lehrerzimmer, PROGR

Waisenhausplatz 30, BERN
Riccardo Bargellini, Sophie Brunner, Büro für Problem, Matthias Egger, Antonia Erni, Annemarie Flückiger, Giga, Marco Glauser, Claudio Gualtieri, Ivana Gvozdenović, David Jacot, Claude Kuhn, Heinz Lauener, Christoph Marti, Veronica Martinelli, Marinella Parente, Pause ohne Ende, Salvatore Pirchio, Enrico Ristori, Clara Rota, Philipp Rufer, Manuela Sagona, Riccardo Sevieri, Fabian Studerus, Julia Weiss, Clemens Wild.


Dj Madame Violence


24 4 2014
19.00 Lesung im Lehrerzimmer, PROGR

Waisenhausplatz 30, BERN
Vom Büro für Problem mit Michael Fehr, Anton Meier und Sebastian Steffen

Many bookshops all over Europe are closing and with each one a piece of the town's history is disappearing. UniBooKat is an initiative of livornesian born artist Riccardo Bargellini and of Bernese Atelier ROHLING in order to help and support one of these menaced bookshops, the bookseller of Antique Books Wild, Bücher Eule in the Bernese Old City.
This happening aims at converting serially made books which were sorted out, into pieces having no equal. This happens by the aid of designers, draughtmen, painters and poets. Wild will put a special corner to disposal where unique specimen can be looked at and purchased.